What You Need To Know About Overhead Garage Doors

Probably, your overhead garage door is one of the biggest mechanical devices in your household. This is a device that acts as a shield not only for your cars from such unpleasant elements as severe weather conditions and dust, but it also protects then and your house in general from different intruders and burglars. Taking proper care of your overhead garage door and its correct usage will provide you with proper functioning for many years to come.

Usually, an overhead garage door weighs about four hundred pounds and the springs are necessary to make it lighter to lift. The latest models of overhead garage doors are made of wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Most of contemporary homeowners prefer wood and steel most of all. People like wood due to the natural look it offers to the door and garage as a whole as well as affordability. But the main disadvantage of wood is that it is not as durable as steel and needs more maintenance. In order to enjoy good look of your wooden overhead door, you'll need to paint it for a few times.

As for the steel it adds more security and strength to the overhead garage doors. Nowadays, manufacturing is quickly developing and due to this tendency you can get an elegant and charming wooden look of your garage door even if it's made of steel. And the greatest advantage about such an opportunity is that you won't need to paint it for so many times as wood. But unfortunately, even a steel overhead garage door has its own drawbacks - it can be hardly repaired and can be easily dented. So, if your steel overhead garage door breaks you'll need to get a new one.

Installation of an overhead garage door

All manufacturers of overhead garage doors are worried with the complete safety of their customers, so they recommend those people who wish to install this type of a door on their own themselves limit their participation in regular maintenance, giving the opportunity to the experts to do this job as well as spring maintenance on their own.

Openers of overhead garage doors

The latest safety characteristic feature of the openers for an automatic overhead garage door is the introduction of an infrared receiver that needs to be installed at the lower part of each track. When the infrared is transmitted between the receiver and the transmitter, the garage door opens to the fullest and stops. But always check up the hinges and rollers of your overhead garage door for tear and wear. It will also need to be regularly lubricated to enable the openers work properly.


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