Spanish Water Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Spanish Water Dog is a relative of the Portuguese Water Dog, and probably a poodle. We used to guard livestock, hunting and fishing as an assistant.

Spanish Water Dog is a balanced and calm pet. This dog is devoted to its master and family, always happy and very attentive. Spanish water dog treats strangers with suspicion, it does not show timidity and aggression. Despite the fact that they guard their territory against intruders, these dogs are not biting.

It is not advisable to leave the dog with small children alone, but this does not mean that the Spanish water dog is uncontrollable or dangerous. This dog can be easily bored that's why it is necessary to provide frequent walks for it and find something to do. Do not forget that, above all, this dog is a working breed and it is always glad fulfill all your instructions. Spanish water dogs usually live for 10-14 years.

How Much Does a Spanish Water Dog Cost and Price Range

The price range for Spanish Water Dog is about $800-$1000. The price will depend on the breeder and the place where you want to purchase your pet. The breed or show quality dogs will cost you more than the pet quality dog. Take this into account while choosing your pet depending on your intentions while keeping the dog for the family or visiting dog shows or breeding the dogs.

Spanish Water Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Weight of Spanish Water dogs is 12-20 kg. Height: 38-50 cm. Color: solid - white, black, brown; two-color - white, black or brown. Exterior: very thick long hair, wavy Spanish water dog covers the entire body and head, legs are very muscular, so that the dog is an excellent swimmer.

Spanish Water Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Professional breeders have never paid much attention to this breed, with the result that there are large variations in the coat and the size of its representatives. A positive aspect is that the Spanish water dogs are much less likely to experience various congenital malformations than other breeds.

It is found that dog can be found all over Spain, though much more often you can see it in the south of the country, in Andalusia, where it is used to protect herds of goats. This is an excellent swimmer, which can even dive for fish. After recognition as a breed Spanish Water Dog became popular outside its native land, because it can be very enjoyable and funny pet.


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